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Excellent service as always. The staff are brilliant and explain work required, and work carried out, very clearly. I feel like they want to go above and beyond to help their customers which you don’t always get from a car garage. I cannot recommend them highly enough.


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Unit 4 Llantrisant Business Park, Llantrisant, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF72 8LF
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    • 90
    Excellent service as always. The staff are brilliant and explain work required, and work carried out, very clearly. I feel like they want to go above and beyond to help their customers which you don't always get from a car garage. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Reviewed: September 22, 2016
    • 95
    Over the moon. I have taken out a private additional three year warranty following the expiry of the manufacturers warranty so need to have any work carried out be to the correct procedures to maintain the validity of the warranty. The vehicle received new timing belt and water pump as its 5 years old but only 40,000 miles. First class job, excellent price and the car was returned immaculate - cleaned! Thanks. Will recommend and will return. Reviewed: September 21, 2016
    • 90
    Very helpfull staff felt they were very capable would highly recomend Reviewed: September 18, 2016
    • 90
    Was recommended to approach Gareth and his team after suffering several major issues with my JCW - and what a great recommendation. Gareth obviously knows what he is talking about and was meticulous throughout. He also explained at the end of the job precisely what worked had been carried out and why - even kept the broken bits for me to see. Furthermore, he explained every line of the diagnostic report and advised me accordingly. He has definitely gained another customer and I will no doubt be using him for my other vehicle as well. Reviewed: August 13, 2016
    • 85
    I took ownership of a Mk4 Golf R32 on August 18th 2015 from a forum member on the owners club that told me that the only reason he was willing to do a swap was due to him wanting a BMW M5 and he seemed honest in his approch in that my Mk5 GTi would get more trade in than his Mk4 R32 (which I know to be true). So putting my trust in him, he explained that the R32 was due a service and that it required new top mounts, engine coolant temp sensor, however he had supplied BNIB poly mounts in the boot for me and was willing to drive down from Harrowgate to Wales, my thought process was that if the car gets down here ok then its ok. We struck a deal and then I did my best to get her into Euro to begin with but they were fully booked for longer than I felt I wanted to leave the car, so I went ahead and used another VW Specialist local to me, however that was a huge mistake. Anyway fast forward a few more grand, on replacing my front suspension (replacing the rears when I can afford it) Front subframe, Thermo, ECT, Tyres, countless top mounts, and much much more, I decided to address my slave cylinder issue. I was getting the "Lazy clutch pedal" you know when you redline a gear and the clutch does not follow your foot back up but insted remains on the floor and raises slowly, while also changing the biting point of your next gear change, stupidly annoying is an understatement. I looked into it for some time, and discovered that the fault pointed to the slave cylinder, I started more costings and found that it was inside the gearbox :( What's worse was everyone I spoke to told me that I would be stupid not to change the clutch and flywheel while there, this did make alot of sense, but as you can imagen, I was not looking forward to the bill. I did speak to VW, but they were not interested, and explained to me that none of there master techs had worked on an R32 before..... I then remembered Euro and spoke with Marie & Gareth over a period of a month or so, we then agreed that the work would go ahead with them. The due date was coming close to drop the car off, and I decided to double check my timing chain readings, and to my horror, they were reading -9 & -9 :( Back on the phone and explained to Marie & Gareth, and I asked them if I could also sqeeze this into my booking, now bare in mind, they have tight slots, and I was expecting alittle push back but they were happy to add it in on the job, now I know some of you will just say "Well of course they would, its more money for them" This is true, however, for me I felt this was great customer service, as they could of quite easily pushed my appointment back for when they had a larger slot. I have to say, I was really scared at what they would find, I was worried I would get more phone calls and have to spend more and more. Dropped her off and I knew that it was in good hands. After around the 2nd day I think, Gareth gave me a call to provide me with an update, I forgot to mention, as well as having the timing chains, guides, and all that comes withit, as well was a new clutch, slave cylinder and flywheel, I also asked if they could look as to why my large fan was not working and also go over the car to see if they could spot anything, my 1 year old son often comes for a drive with me so I wanted to ensure the car is 100% safe. Gareth explained that the fault with the fan was that it was burnt out and required a replacement, he also explained that he found that my (I think I have this right) crank camshaft seal was leaking oil and that he had gone ahead and replaced it for me FREE of charge, he also explained that he did this for two reasons: That many garages install these incorrectly, that when replacements are provided, they have an orange tab on them and many garages pull the tab off and then install the seal incorrectly causing starting issues and other bad things, so he wanted to ensure this was done while everything was out. He knows that I love my car and that I want to look after it, I was spending alot of money for all the work so like any decent CEO, he was looking after his customer. Gareth went on to explain that everything so far was going well, and that it was my slave cylinder causing the issue, that he was just checking that he was ok to go ahead and order the replacement fan, he also explained that I had two choices, buy one form VW at over £200, or get the same fan from Euro for £68 he said that they both come with the same warrently and will be covered under his garantee so should it break, its replaced for free. I think you can guess which option I went for, again, he didn't have to do that, he could have just said "Yeah, you need a new fan, i'll only fit VW, extar £200 plus fitting" which I also need to mention, he charged me NO labour cost for fitting this. He also advised me that he noticed some carbon buildup so will be giving the again another full forté flush for me along with a 2nd batch of fresh oil, again for FREE. After I picked the car up, Gareth invited me into the workshop, he showed me alittle bit of damage on one of my tierod ends and to keep an eye onit, (from previous garage) and also explained that the bushes holding my secondary air pump had failed and that he had gone ahead and replaced them for me, he went on to say that thankfully the car now looks like its in good order, bar the cosmetics of course :) He then showed me the parts he removed, chains, clutch, etc etc and talked me through everthing that they did, explained how it all worked, explained how they fail and even showed me the play in my old flywheel, it was refreshing to find someone that understood my love for my car and also to take the time out from his day to help me understand everything, he even introduced me to his team that worked on my car as he explained it, "Sorry if this sounds like a college lechture" Gareth, if your reading this, not at all, for me, it was that type of customer service that goes above and beyond. He even took pictures for me (see attached) so I could put them in a file of work on my car, they thought of everything. I paid my bill, went out of the front doors and my car was pulled out of the workshop, seat cover removed and keys handed back to me with a smile, little things like that, make the experiance. 3 months on, Car is driving lovely, I am finally starting to enjoy the drive, there is many little bits and bobs I need to sort out, and its due another service in Aug (back to Euro) but for me, I will not be using any other garage. Thank you Gareth, Marie & the team at Euro Performance. You are a credit to us all :) So far, as of next month I will have owned my R32 for 1 year and spent over £7,000 on repairs, many of you may call me mad but I have no plans on letting this R32 go and I will get this car back to showroom finish if it kills me. Reviewed: July 06, 2016
    • 90
    After recently purxhasing my rs4 i had noticed a few issues with my car booked it in for investigation. Very helpful and knowledgable staff, very friendly service. Would highly recommend. Reviewed: July 06, 2016
    • 100
    Second time I have used the garage the experience is always the same , excellent I can't praise them enough they are very nice people and do a top job , it's hard these days to find good people , they are a breath of fresh air , car was also washed again A class service , thanks to Euro Performance kind regards Ceri Reviewed: June 15, 2016
    • 93
    Great people to deal with! Reviewed: June 02, 2016
    • 93
    Very friendly, helpful and competent garage. Will always listen to the customer's requirements, and provide clear advice and an explanation of what work is needed and why. Work is always of a very high standard. I would not hesitate to recommend Europerformance. Reviewed: May 27, 2016
    • 79
    By far the best garage I have ever used I cannot recommend Euro Performance enough, only wish I had found them earlier. The work that Gareth and his team have done for me is second to none. Reviewed: May 25, 2016

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