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Servicing Your German Branded Vehicle

Servicing Your German Branded Vehicle

We carry out all types of servicing on German branded vehicles, following specifically the manufacturers guidelines and regimes. Our servicing will not affect your vehicle warranty due to block exemption regulation. This exists to allow freedom to motorists to choose who to service and maintain their car. 

Volkswagen audi group

  • Interval service 10k intervals
  • Major service (variable 40k)
  • Brake fluid change (due every 2 years)
  • DSG service (40k regardless of time)
  • CVT/Multitronic (40k regardless of time)
  • Tiptronic (100k oil life expectancy)
  • Haldex Service 20k miles
  • Cambelt and waterpump change Pre 2009 4 yrs/60k miles post 2009 5yrs/75k miles


  • Vehicles upto 2004(BMW) 2005(MINI) will follow the regime below
  • Oil service ,Inspection I service, Oil Service, Inspection II Service
  • Time based maintenance Brake fluid, Coolant


  • Vehicles after 2004(BMW) 2005 (MINI) will follow a CBS Regime (condition based service)
  • The vehicles service requirements (amongst other things) can be read directly from our key reader in office
  • Oil change service (every 3rd is a major for vehicles pre 2009, every 2nd is a major for vehicles post 2009)
  • Microfilter service (in combination with oil change service)
  • Vehicle check (variable miles)
  • Front brake service / Rear brake service
  • Brake fluid change
  • Statutory vehicle inspection (MOT), this can be reset by the customer and serves as a reminder light if set up correctly, please note not all models have this function enabled.
  • For vehicles produced after 2012 we are able to update the Digital service book online.


  • Mercedes vehicle servicing is usually a letter and number combination which will appear on the dash, using specific workshop codes and the EVA system for vehicle with Digital service book we can forecast the service required.
  • Minor Service 10k
  • Major Service 20k variable
  • Brake fluid (every 2 years)
  • Automatic transmission fluid (varies but 30k-40k intervals)